Stop Asking for Status Decks – Automation


After decades of technological advancement and the numerous software capabilities at our disposal, it's any wonder that we still use archaic means of getting things done when they can be automated to yield immense productivity gains. I will preface by mentioning that this article may not be applicable in all cases, but is [...]

Stop Asking for Status Decks – Automation2018-12-24T02:23:14+00:00

Is Agile Failing Corporate Transformations?


Companies often fall prey to the allure of Agile for its purported benefits on projects with unpredictable changes and the need for adaptation, however many of them adopt Agile without understanding the nuances required to effectively integrate it. There is a lot to gain from implementing frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban, but [...]

Is Agile Failing Corporate Transformations?2018-12-24T02:20:58+00:00